ASM Downloader

Software to download stored data from Helium Leak Detectors equipped with the Graph display

version :2.0.0
<b>ASM Downloader</b>

Software to download inboard recorded data from Adixen Helium Leak Detectors equipped with the color graph display. 

Your Adixen Helium leak Detector is equipped with a touch screen graphic color display. With the ASM Downloader software, you can visualize and record the evolution of the helium signal, the inlet pressure and set points via color graphs. Further, you can enjoy the touch panel for quicker parameter settings, check the pressure inside the mass spectrometer or follow the status of the leak detector main components by enjoying the dynamic vacuum diagram.

Simply connect your computer to the leak detector using the specific interface (RJ9/9pin Sub-D) cable delivered with the detector and thanks to ASM Downloader, download up to 900 hours of memorized leak detection data.

- Helium leak detector equipped with a Graph interface
- PC : 500 MHz, 128 Mb RAM, 50 Mb hard drive, Graphic card 800x600x256 colors. Operating system: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

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