ADX Dialog (Detection)

Terminal program to read single data and to control devices with serial interface

version :3.1.0
ADX Dialog (Detection)

Communication with products having a serial communication interface

ADX Dialog is an easy to use terminal program for your Windows® PC to communicate with all products having an RS232 serial interface: the ideal little tool to test a new vacuum pressure measurement installation or a leak test bench. It runs without installation.

The ADX Dialog software comes along with a set of configuration files for use with Adixen helium leak detectors (and Adixen Series 2000 gauge controllers). These files can be modified to your needs and stored on your PC.

Just open the appropriate file, connect the RS232 interface of your ACS2000 or ACM2000 controllers to your computer by a standard 9pin Sub-D cable (transmitting and receiving wires crossed) and send your commands and requests by pushing the pre-programmed function keys. If your computer has no RS232 interface please use a RS232-to-USB adapter, available from your local computer shop (e.g. ATEN UC-232A).
Commands can also be keyed in as text. The complete communication can be stored for further use.

ADX Dialog works also with RS485 gauges (appropriate RS232/RS485 or USB/RS485 adapter necessary).

PC 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 50 MB hard drive, Graphic card 1024x768x256 colors
Operating system: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

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