Lyotrack : Humidity monitoring for freeze-drying application

<b> Lyotrack : Humidity monitoring for freeze-drying application </b>
Lyotrack 100 is a brand new moisture sensor specially developed for the freeze-drying application. It is particularly convenient on production freeze-dryers thanks to its capability to be steam sterilized. It can also be used on pilot and scaling up freeze-dryers for process development and scaling up studies.

Lyotrack 100 measures the humidity which is present in the freeze-dryer’s atmosphere extracted from lyophilized products. Hence, humidity measurements are representative of the full batch, which is of high interest for process monitoring in parallel with temperature’s probes. The correlation between both techniques all along the freeze-drying process is proven, and Lyotrack can precisely indicate the endpoint of the primary drying process.

Lyotrack 100 relies on ICP/OES technology (Inductive Coupled Plasma /Optical Emission Spectroscopy) which is a common high-tech solution used in chemistry analysis, mainly in Semiconductor industry. Alcatel Vacuum Technology has taken the advantages of this technique to adapt it to freeze-drying market.

Lyotrack is as easy to connect as a pressure gauge, its 1,5” triclamp vacuum connection makes it compatible with all the equipments. A user-friendly software is delivered with the Lyotrack100, making it possible to run the sensor and to configure the measurements very easily.

All those advantages makes the Lyotrack 100 sensor suitable for the PAT approach.

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