The new Adixen 2000 range of gauges revolutionizes vacuum measurement.

<b>The new Adixen 2000 range of gauges revolutionizes vacuum measurement.</b>
Annecy, France, September 2007.

Alcatel Vacuum Technology France presents its new range of Adixen gauges which can be accurately adapted to any industry requirements, thanks to their intelligent sensors. Easy to use and install, these gauges are reliable, accurate, effective and evolving.

Alcatel Vacuum Technology, well-known for its technological expertise in manufacturing vacuum pumps, has developed the Adixen 2000 series of gauges to monitor vacuum levels. These gauges, accurate for atmospheric pressure measurement as well as for measurements of up to 10-10 mbar, are much more than a simple monitoring tool. Used alone or in combination with process controllers, networks or Adixen gauge controllers, they make intelligent sensors that enable processes to be controlled, parameters to be set and production logs and data recording to be updated.

Revolutionary concepts have thus enabled Alcatel Vacuum Technology to extend their range of products. The crystal gauge, for example, uses the characteristics of quartz. The resonant frequency of a quartz crystal depends on ambient pressure, thus enabling the creation of a gauge which measures very precisely, both at low and high pressure.

Other gauges, like the Adixen Pirani gauges, determine pressure by measuring the convection heat loss from a heated filament. When the gas pressure decreases, there are fewer gas molecules, resulting in a less convective heat transfer from the filament, which then gives a very accurate pressure measurement. The Adixen Pirani gauge provides an excellent level of accuracy from 1000 to 10-4 mbar.

The ionization gauges of the Adixen 2000 range, are divided into two types - cold cathode and hot cathode. A high voltage in a magnetic field creates a plasma, and the flow of electrons in the plasma is related to pressure. This is the measurement technique used in cold cathodes. The hot cathodes are based on another principle - a heated filament emits electrons which ionize the ambient gas. The resulting electrical current depends on the quantity of gas, and thus the pressure. The Adixen 2000 hot cathode gauges are combined with a crystal gauge in a unique product that provides vacuum measurement from 1000 mbar to 4e-10 mbar. This is particularly accurate at pressures approaching atmospheric pressure.

Alcatel Vacuum Technology has also developed a line of capacitance diaphragm gauges for precise vacuum measurements (+/-0.5%). In a capacitance gauge, two electrodes form a capacitor - one is fixed, while the other is attached to the diaphragm which is deflected by the gas pressure. The pressure fluctuations create electrode movements and this technique gives a very accurate vacuum measurement. Available in ranges from atmospheric to 10-4 mbar, these gauges are very stable in fluctuating temperature environments and resistant to vibration and other outside influences, thanks to miniaturisation of the gauge components, obtained via the MEMS production technology (micromachining).

High-tech gauges renowned for their optimal efficiency

Adixen is able to fulfil all its customers’ specific requirements flexibly, by adjusting its solutions, expertise, equipment and technological environment. This is the result of the vacuum expert’s continuous work on cutting-edge technologies.

A special feature of the Adixen gauges is the use of embedded electromechanical components, providing stand-alone intelligence. Simply supply the gauges with 15 – 30 VDC (Volt of Direct Current) and receive a 0-10V or RS-485 indication of pressure on a computer or control system. It is also possible to use an Adixen controller, which supplies the power directly to the gauge, displays the pressure in your choice of units, automatically detects the type of gauge being used and configures itself appropriately. Some of them, like the “Adixen 3 channel controller” can display a graph of the pressure signals, as well as an analogue or digital indication.

The Adixen 2000 series controllers were designed to improve specification, ease control and develop accuracy and reliability for monitoring, controlling and verifying vacuum system performance. There are various implementations - food packaging, cathode ray tubes manufacturing, DVD production, cutting-edge electron microscopes or particle accelerators. A wide variety of industries are affected by vacuum measurement, which is a fundamental part of the manufacturing process.

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