Drytel 1025 : Compact dry pumping system

Drytel 1025 : Compact dry pumping system
The new generation of Adixens turbo pumping group

With an installed base of more than 4,000 Drytel systems worldwide, Alcatel offers the new, easy to operate, Drytel 1025 dry pumping system.

The Drytel 1025 is a modern, reliable and cost-effective product designed for industrial and R/D applications requiring a dry, clean vacuum, including cryo regeneration, electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, gas analysis, outgasing, foreline pumping, and gauge calibration.

Both portable and versatile, this product is field convertible and is offered with a variety of options. The Drytel 1025 includes a 10,000 hour maintenance interval diaphragm pump (1 m3/h or 4 m3/h according to your needs) working in series with the reliable 7.5 l/s MDP5011 molecular drag pump or the compact 30 l/s ATH31+ hybrid turbo pump.
Furthermore, the open concept, designed for maintainability, allows for easy access to components.

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