ATPS 2 New plug-and-play tool pumping and abatement system from Alcatel slashes footprint dramatically

New plug-and-play tool pumping and abatement system from Alcatel slashes footprint dramatically
Alcatel Vacuum Technology's latest integrated pump and abatement system dramatically slashes the footprint of pumping and abatement packages.

Geared to increase available space in crowded fab basements, the Alcatel Tool Pumping Solution (ATPS) focuses on cluster tool applications to reduce the necessary footprint of the pumping by 30 - 70 percent, even more with the integrated abatement.

The ATPS is a truly optimized concept for pump installation with 100 to 1 800 m3/h pumping lines. Optional gas treatment systems can be integrated with among others dry, burner/washer, or plasma technology for PFC abatement.

The latest and innovative plug-and-play systems from Alcatel boasts a number of other key user enhancements, including :
- easier and faster hook-up (facilities connection reduced by up to 6, integrated pump to abatement manifolds),
- higher safety (fully exhaustable enclosure from pump inlet to clean gas exhaust, optional safety sensors),
- noise level reduction (by up to 65% in acoustic pressure),
- standardized inlet connections (at about 2 m height),
- reduced lengths of pump to abatement tubing
The system is designed to permit a fast pump replacement

The new ATPS from Alcatel comprises two versions:
- ATPS 42 for up to four pumping lines in a footprint of 0,46 m x 1,3 m * (maximum of two booster assisted lines)
- ATPS 82 for up to six pumping lines of 0,92 m x 1,3 m * (maximum of 4 booster assisted lines)

Underlining Alcatel's commitment to provide maximum benefit to end-users of its dry pump technology, most of cluster tools applications are covered. Depending on the application, appropriate sections of the internal vacuum lines including isolation valves are heated.

The ATPS range has been developed for use with the Alcatel miniaturized dry pumps, developed jointly with Applied Materials, which enjoy a field proven reliability based on more than 1 500 installations. Designed for integration within semi-conductor tools, these pumps deliver substantial cost, time and energy savings to users.

* without abatement package

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