AMD series Oil-free diaphragm pumps AMD1 and AMD 4 are now available

AMD series
Oil-free diaphragm pumps AMD1 and AMD 4 are now available
The new generation of diaphragm pumps

The AMD1 and AMD4 diaphragm pumps provide high performances in a compact package.
These pumps feature three stages of guided planar diaphragms, resulting in unmatched performance, quality and reliability.
- Ultimate pressure : 1.5 mbar
- Pumping speed :
AMD1: 1.2 m3/h ( 0.82 cfm )
AMD4: 3.3 m3/h (1.94 cfm )

AMD series pumps provide oil free pumping of gases for every application where dry and clean pumping is required.
Alcatel Mechanical Diaphragm Pumps will bring added value to each of these applications.
- Leak detectors
- Gas analysers
- Surface analysers
- Electron microscopes
- Backing of turbo pumps
- Cryopump regeneration
- Load locks
- R&D laboratories

The only maintenance required by AMD series pumps is the replacement of internal valves and diaphragms.
All bearings are encapsulated and filled with appropriate lubricant and therefore do not require any maintenance.
Depending on applications type, the lifetime of valves and diaphragm is up to 10 000 operating hours.

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