Alcatel IPUP Frequently Asked Questions

Alcatel IPUP Frequently Asked Questions
What does IPUP stand for ?

IPUP stands for Integrated Point of Use Pump. IPUP is an Applied Materials registered trademark.

What is the IPUP?

IPUP pumps are the new generation vacuum pumps designed for integration on semiconductor process tools and cleanroom operation. IPUP pumps are designed for point of use installation and replace larger remote dry pumps located far away from the process tools. The Alcatel IPUP pumps have been jointly developed with Applied Materials.

What are the features of the IPUP pumps?

The most important features of the pumps are compactness, cleanliness, high pumping speed, quiet operation, energy efficiency , interchangeability and design for integration.

How do the customers benefit from the IPUP pumps?

IPUP pumps increase wafer throughput, reduce contamination in chamber, foreline and exhaust line and provide process enhancements. They also dramatically reduce the facilities costs of process tools as well as pump installation, operation and maintenance costs and help the customers meet their environmental requirements.

Can IPUP pumps be used for all semiconductor processes?

From a pumping standpoint, the semiconductor processes can be divided into two categories of clean and non-clean process chemistries. The L model IPUP is used for clean processes. The P model IPUP is used for non-clean processes. Both L and P models have the same physical dimensions. The P model is equipped with nitrogen purge, temperature regulation, chemically resistant seals and secondary ventilation. So the answer is yes, IPUP pumps can be used on all semiconductor processes but L models must be used for clean applications and P models must be used for non-clean applications.

What are clean processes?

Clean processes include loadlock, transfer, PVD, metrology, inspection and all chambers where inert and non-reactive gases are used.

What are non-clean processes?

Non-clean processes are CVD, Etch, Implant and all chambers where toxic, corrosive, flammable and reactive gases are used.

Which IPUP models should be used for clean processes?

The L model IPUP pumps must be used for clean processes. The IPUP A100L.

Which IPUP models should be used for non-clean processes?

The P model IPUP pumps must be used for non-clean processes. The IPUP A100P.

Who is selling the IPUP pumps?

The Alcatel IPUP pumps are sold by Applied Materials and by Alcatel.

Who is buying the IPUP pumps?

The semiconductor industry as well as general vacuum customers.

Which major customers are using IPUP pumps in their cleanrooms for clean processes?

Intel, Hitachi, Epson, TSMC, UMC, Samsung, Hyundai, STM, Infineon, TI, Mitsubishi, Promos.

Which major customers are using IPUP pumps in their cleanrooms for non-clean processes?


Is it safe to use IPUP pumps for non-clean processes?

Safety is assured through proper integration when the P model IPUP is designed and integrated into the process tool as a standard component.

How many IPUP pumps are in use worldwide in 2001?

Over 1000 pumps.

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