Alcatel ATH / M series A very high flow Maglev Turbopump for semiconductor applications

Alcatel is able to offer a very high flow maglev turbopump designed for semiconductor etch processes (metal, dielectric or poly etch), ion implantation, sputtering and CVD.

Alcatel ATH 2300M is capable of pumping up to 2 000 sccm of argon in order to meet the highest requirements for the 0,12 micron geometry etching processes on 300 mm wafers.

Particle reduction is a common feature of the ATH 2300M, ATH 1600M, ATH 1300M and ATH 400M. These extremely reliable pumps offer high troughput, high pressure, corrosive gas pumping and are quickly becoming the turbopump of choice in fabs throughout the world.

Additional features include :
- 5 active axes
- Automatic balancing system
- Integrated heating system
- Inert gas purge to prevent particle build up
- Maintenance free, battery free

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