New ASM 102S Portable Dry Sniffing Leak Detector

New ASM 102S Portable Dry Sniffing Leak Detector
Accept no compromise when you need, sensitivity, stability, measuring
range, response time, and clean up time. The ASM 102 S is the unit you
need for your application. With the ASM 102 S, you can now detect
and pinpoint easily very small leaks, the one you could not see before
and that impacted your process applications. In addition to its exceptional
performance, the ASM 102 S is a dry leak detector enhancing its
flexibility for applications where the unit may have to be placed side way
or in an angle or carried around frequently.

Control and maintenance of any part or installation used under pressure (outboard testing):
• underground cables and tubes,
• valves and manifolds,
• underground or external storage tanks,
• reactors, heat exchangers, vapor generators,
• maintenance for air conditioning systems,
• leak testing Kerosene tanks (wings and fuselage) after assembly,
• maintenance of airplanes: wings and fuselage,
• off shore test of gas installations,
• leak test liquid Propane gas and oil tankers,
• test of gas line installations in Semi conductor fabs and aeronautic and aerospace applications,
• hydrogen gas supply lines.

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