ASM 192 T2D+ : The most powerful console dry leak detection.

ASM 192 T2D+ : The most powerful console dry leak detection.
Alcatel was the first to introduce a standard oil free helium leak detector on the market, the ASM 180 TD.
The success was immediate in the semi conductor industry. Its performance was very appreciated (high roughing capacity, high sensitivity, low cost ownership….)
Alcatel anticipated the need for the new leak test requirements for large test chamber in the semiconductor market for the OEMs as well as End Users.
Once more, Alcatel has designed the most powerful and sensitive dry leak detectors on the market today :
The ASM 182 TD+ and the ASM 192 T2D+.
The ASM 192 T2D+ is the console version of the ASM 182 / 192 product range, the console version ASM 192T2D+ offers extended pumping speed capability compared to the ASM 182TD+.
The ASM 192 T2D+ exists with 2 versions of roughing pump, one standard version and one enhanced dry roughing : 50m3/h .
Of course the ASM 192T2D+ includes all the latest evolution of Alcatel dry leak detectors such as :

- high sensitivity ( 5.12-12mbar.l/s) thanks to a new analyzer cell equiped with dual filament.
- fast response time in spaying mode thanks to its high helium pumping speed
( 20l/sec. the best unit from the competition)
- qualitative and quantitative high pressure leak test ( cross over pressure 200 and 30 mbar)

Its well-proven concept for roughing/backing oil free pump (frictionless compact multistage roots) must be designed to achieve :
- high roughing capacity ( up to 50m3/h)
- low cost ownership
- repeatable performance
- the lowest particule count in the industry

The Alcatel ASM 192 T2D+ is also extremely easy to operate. A simple operator interface with two distinct
areas (one for the operator, the others for entering the parameters) allows the user to take no more than a few minutes to get familiar with its operation.

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