ASM 1002 : Two solutions in one unit Designed for leak tight packaged electronic devices and much more !

ASM 1002 : Two solutions in one unit
Designed for leak tight packaged electronic devices and much more !
The ASM 1002 is the most appropriate standard solution to test leak small production environment.

1 - Sealed packages leak test software program : Ultra fast cycle time
The ASM 1002 can achieve 1.10 -9 mbar.l/s, leak testing sealed packages in less than 4 seconds (single or batch testing) with standard test chamber (81cc) and without nitrogen purge, which makes it the fastest unit of its category on the market.
The ASM 1002 is fully automated, as soon as the test chamber is closed, the cycle starts
automatically. The powerful pumping package evacuates the test chamber and allows the unit to perform the leak tests fast and accurately. At the end of the test, the ASM 1002 will conveniently display a Pass/Fail (Green/Red indicators ) result to remove any operator interpretation.
For a good part (Green indicator), the test chamber will vent back to atmosphere and will open automatically, optimizing the operator time.
For a leaking part, the Red (Fail) indicator will go off. The test chamber will remain under vacuum requesting the operator intervention to vent it back to atmosphere via a push button. This removes any interpretation out of the operator and guarantees the capture of all leaking parts.

2 - Open packages leak test software program :
The software will keep the unit in test mode as long as needed to allow the operator to perform the leak test. The operator will trigger the end of the test.
The test chamber can be easily removed and the inlet of the unit can then accommodate nay type of fixture with a DN 25 to facilitate the leak test of any size hybrid circuits for instance.

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