ASM122D : Helium Leak Detection Alcatel offers the most powerful Portable dry leak detector on the market

ASM122D :
Helium Leak Detection
Alcatel offers the most powerful Portable dry leak detector on the market
Today, ALCATEL offers the most powerful compact and console type dry leak detectors on the market with the prestigious ASM 180TD+.

However, a need for a portable unit has been expressed, when a high roughing capacity is not necessary.

This unit should keep high performance of helium pumping speed and sensitivity at low pressures, in order to keep the same efficiency to detect leaks. The customer dream becomes reality thanks to Alcatel innovation.

The new ASM 122D benefits from the last innovations in the field of vacuum technology. Thus, it offers what seems the best of both worlds :

* reduced dimensions (the smallest self contained dry leak detector in the world when removed from its cart)

* high helium pumping speed (4 l/ s, 2.5 times the rate of the best unit from the competition)

* high air pumping speed at low pressure thanks to an hybrid pump used as roughing pump

* high sensitivity (5.10-12 mbar. l/ s in helium according AVS 2.1 and ISO 3530)

* high inlet test pressure (up to 20 mbar)

* high helium clean up capacities thanks to huge high vacuum pumps helium compression ratios

In addition to unbelievable performance, the ASM 122D offers an advanced user friendly design with :

* a specific cart mounted on large wheels including among other features an integrated power supply cable winder and a telescopic handle which can accommodate any operator height

* a remote control with a smart autozero system and both bargraph and digital displays

* a comprehensive auto-start system including autocalibration, and an LCD display offering clear messages to make this unit easy to use for everybody

The ASM 122D is the ideal handy tool when space is limited in sub-fabs for instance. Semiconductor fabs, particle accelerators or other demanding industries will appreciate this unique unit.

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