ASI 20 MD Modular Leak Detector

The ASI 20 MD is the latest evolution of ALCATEL industrial leak detectors of which thousands are in successful daily operation throughout the world in various applications like automotive, refrigeration and air-conditioning, electrical, mechanical, packaging and food industry, ..

The ASI 20 MD is ideally suited for easy integration into any leak detection system, including hard vacuum and sniffing tests.

The ASI 20 MD is composed of three separate modules for maximum flexibility of integration, all 19’’ rack compatible.

This product offers unique features such as :
- high sensitivity (5.10-11 mbar.l/s), thanks to a new analyzer cell equipped with dual filaments and a patented electron multiplier amplification system
- a pure counterflow test mode with high cross over pressure (20 mbar) for faster gross leak detection
- a semi-counterflow test mode for better protection against helium build up inside the backing pump
- a high cross over pressure in fine leak mode (2 mbar) to eliminate effect of moisture on cycle time
- a field proven molecular drag pump with intermediate port and the lowest rotational speed
(27,000 rpm) on the market for higher reliability
- an autocalibration system with a built-in temperature compensated calibrated leak
- an advanced flat remote control panel with multiple displays,
(up to 150 meters away from the main unit)
- a mechanical design which allows multiple integration possibilities (multi position bracket) to optimize accessibility and reduce the distance between the leak detector and the test point

The ASI 20MD is the solution for modern leak detection systems.

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