Alcatel Vacuum Technology launches its Adixen Sensistor hydrogen leak detection system: H2000 PLUS.

<b>Alcatel Vacuum Technology launches its Adixen Sensistor hydrogen leak detection system: H2000 PLUS.</b>
Annecy, France, September 2007.
Alcatel Vacuum Technology, one of the leading global companies in the leak detection and leak testing industry, launches the Adixen Sensistor range, offering innovative solutions for leak detection in a factory environment. With the Sensistor H2000 PLUS range, hydrogen leak detection is now both simple and accurate.

This new revolutionary sensor, which uses hydrogen as a tracer gas, meets the many requirements of the following industrial markets - aerospace, automobile, packaging, medical, hydrogen energy and RAC/HVAC (Refrigeration Air Conditioning/Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning).

H2000 PLUS is based on a leak detection method using hydrogen as a tracer gas. In order to bridge the gap between simpler methods, such as the water bath, and more complex methods, such as mass spectrometer and helium leak testing, the research workers at Alcatel have developed this new technique. With a level of accuracy never yet reached in an environment of 5.10-7mbars/s, and specifically adapted to both hot products, with a pressure which fluctuates, and more supple products, with a volume that is likely to vary, this new method fulfils the requirements of, amongst others, the automobile and RAC/HVAC industries, in terms of leak detection precision and efficiency. If the sensor receives a signal, the user knows that there really is a leak and that it has, without a doubt, detected a problem originating from a combustible gas.

The tracer gas used - a mixture of gases that is non-flammable and non-toxic (5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen), enables the detection of industrial leaks smaller than the size of bacteria, in tough factory environments, thus offering one of the best solutions available today. This mixture, united by the laws of thermodynamics, is inflammable, which makes the H2000 PLUS one of the most simple and effective leak detectors on the market (whether detecting in components or a product). It also has a function that compensates for increased background levels of hydrogen, which enables it to minimize potential problems, and therefore guarantees a level of precision never equalled until now. It is also important to point out that this tracer mix is a standard industrial grade mix readily available at most gas suppliers.

Performance through flexibility, ease-of-use and simplicity

Easily transportable, small and robust, the H2000 PLUS is entirely electronic, requiring no pumps, valves, or vacuum systems. It is therefore an ideal tool for leak detection on large objects, such as aircraft. Its maintenance is extremely simple and complementary accessories can easily be integrated - sample probes, protective cover, etc. In addition, standard settings on the instrument can be easily changed using the H2000’s user-friendly display menu.

About Alcatel Vacuum Technology France:
Alcatel Vacuum Technology is one of the leading providers of vacuum technology. It is now extending its portfolio of hydrogen leak detection solutions with its Swedish subsidiary, Adixen Sensistor, which develops, manufactures and provides innovative solutions for the leak detection sector.

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