Revolutionary Integrated Point-of-Use-Pump

Revolutionary Integrated Point-of-Use-Pump from Alcatel cuts costs, saves energy

Alcatel Vacuum Technology of France has launched a revolutionary new oil free vacuum pump range, the IPUP A100, designed for integration within semi-conductor tools and delivering substantial cost, time and energy savings to users.

The revolutionary dry vacuum pump for 300 mm semiconductor fab now launched by Alcatel is around 75 percent smaller and uses less than 50 percent of the power than conventional dry pumps with similar pumping speeds. The new 100m3/h point-of-use dry pump, called the IPUP A100, is fully compatible with clean room operation and can replace remote pumps up to 500 m3/h, said bertrand Seigeot, from Alcatel Vacuum Technology.

‘The radical new design of the IPUP A100 helps cut our customers’ costs, saves energy and increases up-time,’ said M. Seigeot. ‘The pump’s small size promotes temperature uniformity and eliminates by-product deposition, while the energy savings are created by locating the pump close to the process, eliminating conductance losses. Power consumption is also reduced thanks to the availability of variable speeds in standby mode.’

The integration of this oil free vacuum pump in the tool allows significant benefits for the enduser. Eliminating vacuum lines creates sizeable costs savings, while reducing energy con-sumption and footprint; plus, the elimination of by-product condensation in foreline pipings increases both up-time and yield, ’M. Seigeot added.‘Time savings are another distinct advantage; because there is no longer any need for tool-to-tool or fab-to-fab variation at installation and you get reduced evacuation time for load-locks.’

The IPUP A100’s low vibration and noise levels, and compliance with high safety stand-ards make it ideally suitable for clean room use. Two main versions are available: the IPUP A100L, for clean applications not requiring purge gas, and the IPUP A100P for all process applications requiring comprehensive monitoring and precise temperature control up to 130°C.

The new IPUP A100 range was developed jointly with Applied Materials.
Among the innovations in the IPUP A100’s creation are:

  • Energy savings realized by locating the pump close to the process; variable speed
  • capability in stand-by mode, and lower average rotational speeds.
  • Better temperature uniformity and the elimination of by-product deposition.
  • Faster installation and start-up time.
  • Better tool to tool process repeatability
  • Very low vibration and noise levels
  • Reduced footprint

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