Alcatel Vacuum Technology acquires Sensistor Technologies

Sensistor products are now part of the Adixen family of products

<b>Alcatel Vacuum Technology acquires Sensistor Technologies
Alcatel Vacuum Technology SA announces the acquisition of Sensistor Technologies, a Swedish high tech company that develops, manufactures and supplies innovative solutions for leak detection. Their portfolio encompasses leak-measuring instruments that use a hydrogen mixture as a tracer gas. Sensistor Technologies, founded in 1981, is a leader in gas leak detectors using hydrogen and over the past five years has introduced this new technology to several industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical and utilities. Alcatel Vacuum Technology, one of the leaders in vacuum technology has a leading position in helium leak detection and will now expand its solution portfolio with the addition of hydrogen leak detectors. This new leak detection technique will enable Alcatel Vacuum Technology to offer its customers the choice between low weight, portable and middle range sensitivity detection technique (Hydrogen) and high sensitivity detection technique (Helium). Moreover, true portable leak detectors allow Alcatel Vacuum Technology to address new markets such as aerospace, and automotive applications. Sensistor targets any industry that has the need to check product tightness. For example, automotive and aircraft manufacturers use the solution to avoid fuel tank leaks, appliance companies for air-conditioning circuits to check that refrigerant gas charges remains constant, and telecommunication companies to make sure that dry air pressure remains stable inside underground cables. The transaction will enable Sensistor’s hydrogen leak detection solutions to be distributed worldwide through the Alcatel Vacuum Technology international sales network.

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