Nya pumpar för solcellstillverkning

Adixen's new ADK big dry pumps offer high pumping capacity

Nya pumpar för solcellstillverkning

Product Briefing Outline: Adixen (Alcatel Vacuum Technology) has introduced its new ADK range of big dry vacuum pumps, with a wide offer addressing the cell manufacturing from Load Loack to Process chambers. The ADKL pumps are capable of answering the most stringent needs in term of load lock cycling (improving tact time), and low energy consumption. The ADKP pumps are especially designed to handle harsh processes with Si powder like PECVD a-Si or µ-Si, with a high reliability and an energy consumption among the lowest on the market.  Read more >>

Product Briefing Outline: Alcatel Vacuum Technology is a leading supplier for dry pumps and turbo-molecular pumps in the Semi-conductor industry. This extensive experience has been used to propose a complete offer for all photovoltaic applications, focused on high reliability and energy savings. The ADK range big pumps are the ideal solution for solar call manufacturing equipments, from load-lock to process chambers, and addressing the whole variety of processes from crystalline to thin films technologies.
Problem: One blocking point is the load lock pumping down time, which is synonym of tact time, or throughput. The time to reach 10-1 mbar is sometimes a few seconds on volumes up to several cubic meters. This has to be done regularly, which requires in addition a heavy cycling capability. This is very demanding for the pumps. On the process side, the pumps have to handle Si powder coming from chemical reactions, in association with some corrosive gases used for cleanings, like NF3. Of course, for both families, the utilities consumption has to be set to a minimum (power, N2 and H2O for cooling). And last but not least, the reliability has to be very high, to answer the increasing production need.Solution: The ADKL pumps are able to pump a 1000 liters volume to 10-1 mbar in less than 50s for the AD30KL, and only 34s for the AD70KL. These pumps are especially designed for cycling, which means that they can continuously perform this operation with no trouble. A unique automatic standby mode associated with an energy saving option allows them to have low power consumption, among the lowest on the market.For the process chambers, our AD70KP and AD140KP are able to withstand any type of technology, from mono-Si or poly-Si to amorphous silicon, and also CIS, CIGS and CdTe. They are using the proven ADS1202H serie from the semiconductor, which is a safe bet. Their specific cast iron is compatible with aggressive gasses like NF3, and these pumps can pump H2 thanks to their high pumping capacity (up to 8000 m3/h). They can handle Si powder easily, which makes them all in all very robust and reliable pumps for this industry.Applications: All kind of solar manufacturing, C-Si, P-Si, a-Si, CGIS, CdTe, CIS, where low tact times and high volumes are encountered. Processes are mainly CVD, PVD. For very high H2 flows, some custom solutions can be proposed. The FPD industry is also addressed, as it uses big volumes and processes close to semiconductor industry.Platform: The ADK pumps can be installed on any equipment, as we can provide specific simulation and design service for layout optimization. The standalone pumps can be equipped with different communication protocols. The low footprint of the ADK pumps makes them easy to install everywhere.Availability: Available Now.

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