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Based on mastered multi-stage roots technology, Alcatel Vacuum Technology provides a wide range of dry pumps covering all the requirements of 200mm & 300mm Front-End and Back-End applications.

• Light processes: Load Lock, Transfer, Sputtering, PVD, Metrology…
• Medium processes: Etching, Implant, Stripping, RTP...
• Harsh processes: CVDs...

Medium process :

Medium applications include all applications using corrosive and aggressive chemistries, which after reaction in the process chamber may combine in condensable by-products. The dry pump ranges below include all the features to warranty the highest pump life time.

With one of the largest installed base worldwide, ADP/ADS Series Two P reliability has been well proven in the field. ADP/ADS Series 2 P range features 4 pumping models up to 1800 m3/h, all of them based on strong & robust ADP122 roughing pump design and equipped with sophisticated monitoring, N2 purge dilution and pump thermal management.

Energy saving has become a real challenge in today’s Semiconductor fab. Desiring to take part actively to its customer challenges, Alcatel Vacuum Technology has developed a dedicated Low Power consumption dry pump range: A3P range provides 3 pump models up to 1000 m3/h and features up to 50% power saving compared to conventional pumping solutions, within a very compact package.

On most of the Etch applications, roots blower is not always required to back a turbo. With a high pumping capacity of 300 m3/h featured in a very compact package, A300 Series is one of Alcatel Vacuum Technology solutions to reduce Cost of Ownership.

Medium process

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