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Based on mastered multi-stage roots technology, Alcatel Vacuum Technology provides a wide range of dry pumps covering all the requirements of 200mm & 300mm Front-End and Back-End applications.

• Light processes: Load Lock, Transfer, Sputtering, PVD, Metrology…
• Medium processes: Etching, Implant, Stripping, RTP...
• Harsh processes: CVDs...

Light process :

Key requirements for such applications, besides high reliability, are fast pump down and robustness.

Remote Stand-Alone ADP/ADS Series Two LM dry pump range is the pump of choice for installation in the fab basement. With pumping capacity up to 600 m3/h, Series 2 LM range provides high throughput at high pressure for fast Load Lock & Transfer chambers pump down. It is also well adapted to other clean applications were non corrosive & non aggressive gas need to be pumped.

For every Back-End applications such as wafer inspection, small dry pumps ACP Series 2 are proposed.

As a key player of the vacuum industry, Alcatel Vacuum Technology has developed A100 Series, range of integrated light duty dry pumps. A100L was jointly developed with Applied Materials in 1999 and since then benefits of the concept have been recognized: faster throughput in a smaller footprint, user friendly (low noise and low vibration), and high reliability are few of the main advantages of this concept. A100L is today the leading integrated pump in the market and is present in every 300mm plant in the world.

Light process

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