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Over 50 years of experience in vacuum technology, Adixen Advanced System brings you new tools and application solutions for your vacuum based environment.

With decreasing critical dimensions and ever increasing cost of semi-conductor production equipments and environments, an advanced analysis with scientific understandings is the key solution to cope with molecular level contaminations. We place our importance in comprehension on 3 main levels: process optimization, equipment control, and fab environments understandings.

Advanced Systems :

We provide our service with :

• Our know-how and experience in advanced solutions and innovations in semi-conductor process, equipment, and fab environment analyses and introduce new solutions.

• Our problem solving capabilities in semi-conductor process, equipments, and fab environment, then to solve existing problems for defectivity reduction and yield improvements with tomorrow’s solution.

• Our vacuum technology expertise, as well as by our modeling analysis tool based on the numerical simulation tool, to provide advanced analysis for problem solving in all domains.

• Our scientific analysis to identify new market needs in vacuum technology, and provide solution tools.

Vacuum market knowledge that widens the problem solving capabilities in today’s semi-conductor market.

For more information on our advanced solutions, please click on the top right-hand picture.

Advanced Systems

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