AMC new version

AMC new version

AMC (Airborne Molecular Contamination, in FOUP analyser) new version has developed.

Alcatel-Lucent Japan, representing Alcatel Vacuum Technology France, has released its AMC (Airborne Molecular Contamination) analyzer inside a wafer carrier (APA, Adixen POD Analyser).  It is the first in the world to conduct AMC analysis inside of FOUP.  This new development, which has improved the detection sensibility of the gas analyser in the new APA version 2008, is now available on the domestic market. 

The APA takes the gas sample from the POD and uses the characteristics of the molecular ionization to analyze the concentration of the gas down to ppbv level.  It measures gas molecules such as Acid, Amine, VOC, or humidity (water vapor), which correspond to residual process gas and airborne molecular gas. The purpose of the APA version 2008 is to measure the total amount of acid or amine in the cleanroom environment.  The detection precision is from 0.1 ppbv up to 50 ppbv, with a factor of 10 in low detection limit compared to the previous model.  

The measurement is conducted by probing the gas inside the POD via a breezing hole with the patented specific interface.  The sample amount is less than 2 litres per measurement and the measurement time is 2 minutes.  This short measurement time enables on-site measurement in the fab process lines.  By exchanging the interface, any PODs, such as FOUPs, 200 mm SMIF, RSP, or open carriers may be measured.  

The current technological trend of nanometer range manufacturing explains the importance of environment control for wafers and masks.  However, no method enabled the interior of the FOUP or RSP (Reticle Smif POD) to be measured in real time.  The APA stands out due to its unique solution for measuring and analysing AMC in real time inside mini-environments.  

APA v.2008 has already proven its functionality and benefits in European fabs and it is now being installed in European production lines.  In Japan, assessments and user’s site, as well as the sales, will be starting in June 2008.  

This product has been distributed by Sojitz Machinery Japan since September 2007.  APA, which is the result of expertise in vacuum technology, will strengthen the market share of the core vacuum pump business of Alcatel Vacuum Technology France.  It will place Alcatel Vacuum Technology in a strong position in the semiconductor market.

This article has been published in Semiconductor Magazine in the Japanese edition - May 2008 Issue

AMC new version
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